CBD Oil For Endurance Athletes

CBD Oil Benefits for Endurance Athletes

If you are active in the natural health space it is likely that you have heard of CBD oil, and the many proposed benefits. You may be wondering, is CBD Oil the real deal, or just the new snake oil? Let’s take a look at some of the research and proposed benefits, then you can […]

Train Smarter Not Harder: Why You Should Be Spending More Time In Your Zone 2

Train Smarter Not Harder: Why You Should Be Spending More Time In Your Zone 2

It’s the Monday after your long run, yesterday you felt like an animal! You went out, logged some serious millage, and even set some PR’s on Strava. But now you are feeling wiped out. You hide out at your desk and hope your coworkers leave you alone. You are run down and deeply fatigued, but it’s […]

Want to get faster in the swim? Check out these Triathlon Swim Drills

Triathlon Swim Drills | Ready to improve your swim?

Triathlon Swim Drills If you want to be faster in the swim it is not just about swimming endless laps until your hair turns green. Swimming is the most technical of the three disciplines in triathlon. This means that there are huge gains to be had if you focus on fixing form and improving economy. […]

Finding The Right Fit- Comfortable Bike Saddles For Women

Finding The Right Fit: Comfortable Bike Saddles For Women

Are you experiencing discomfort in your lady parts during your long ride? While it can take time to build up comfort in the saddle the only area you should be feeling pressure is in your sits bones and the surrounding bony tissue, if you are experiencing numbness or pain in your soft tissue and lady areas then […]