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I am going to step a little outside of my normal scope today and share with you a couple of homemade beauty products that I have enjoyed. Since I had last week off of school I decided to take on a few fun projects. I made homemade: deodorant, chap stick, and soap.

While beauty products are not my specialty over the past year or so I have become more conscious of what I put on the largest organ of my body, my skin! I use coconut oil mixed with a little lavender oil as my basic moisturizer, I change makeup brands, deodorants, and toothpaste. So far I have been very pleased with the results. I nearly never break out any more, my skin looks great, and when you make your own going natural can even be much cheaper than buying big commercial products. With that in mind I wanted to share with you some of the fun homemade beauty recipes I tried out this week.



I switched to a natural brand deodorant about a year ago, partially over concern about some of the chemicals you find in many of the big commercial brands and partly because it seemed gross to me that I could never seem to scrub off all of the deodorant residue in the shower. While I did over all prefer how I felt using the natural deodorant it didn’t work as well as I would like. Even when I was eating super clean and hydrating well I felt that I needed to reapply at some point throughout the day in order to feel fresh and odor free.  I felt there must be something better out there, but I had no idea where to find it. I happened to find this recipe which sounded pretty good to me, so I decided to give it a try. After using it this past week I have to say this is by far my favorite deodorant that I have ever used. It smells fresh, works all day, and fells good on my skin. Here is the link to the recipe I used:


for the optional additional scent I added eucalyptus which is what really gave it that fresh scent. Best of all the scent is unisex and my cyclist fiance is in love with it as well.


Chap Stick:

This one was really just for fun but turned out great so here is the recipe I used:


The one change that I did make was cutting the lanolin portion in half and making up the weight difference with shea butter.



I have been wanting to try my hand at soapmaking for quite a while now but just hadn’t found the time. This tutorial I found was very simple and straight forward:


I personally did not follow her recipe, I wanted to make a bar that was olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter with a rosemary scent. If you do decided to use different ingredients than stated in your soap recipe always consult a saponification table to make sure that you get the correct amount of lye for the process. Here is my favorite saponification calculator that I have found:


The one issue I had when making this soap was achieving trace. After doing some searching on the internet I came to the conclusion that my issue was hand stirring a recipe that used a lot of olive oil. It turns out that olive oil is slow to trace and can take up to and hour or more to trace when hand stirred. I hand stirred my batch for nearly two hours before deciding to just pour it into my molds. For my next go at soap making I will definitely be using an immersion blender, I think it will be well worth the small investment. My bars did harden, although a little slow. One piece of advice I will pass on is if you have issues with your batch of soap DO NOT through it out. I read a lot of posts online and the general theme is that almost any batch can be saved with a little investigation into what went wrong. final note, if you are doing a small batch like I did make sure that you have a scale that reads at least to the tens if not the one hundredths, with small batches imprecise scales can cause issues with your mixture. Though this was the most challenging project I took on last week I really enjoyed it! There was a lot more science and precision to it and I look forward to trying another batch soon.

Well there you have it, my fun with trying out some new beauty recipes. If you have any fun beauty recipes that you absolutely love please share them in the comments I would love to try out some more!

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