10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

If you are a fan of summer time barbecues as well as health and fitness then you are going to love these 10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes, from appetizers and sides to the main affair you can enjoy your summer time BBQ and keep looking great in that bikini too!


10 Healthy Barbecue recipes

Stuffed Endives

Time to take advantage of that fresh summer produce with these tasty stuffed endives, enjoy grilled or raw!

10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Pineapple Chicken Skewers and Roasted Veggies

You had be at kabob! Serve these as an appetizer or a main dish you can’t go wrong with tasty skewers!

Side Dishes

10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Summer Veggies Pasta Salad

I love summer veggie pastas! With higher swim, bike, and run mileage this time of year the extra carbs and nutrients are a welcome addition to my summer BBQ.

10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Simple Avocado, Lemon Dill Zoodles

This refreshing pasta recipe makes for a great pasta salad side dish on low carb days, all the pleasure of past without all of the carbs!

10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Harissa Potato Salad

This is not your every day potato salad, with its mix of sweet and red potatoes paired with broccoli and eggplant then coated in fresh herbs and spices. This potato salad will make a welcome addition to any BBQ.

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Vegan German Potato Salad

Need a quick easy dish to whip up before you head over to the family BBQ? Try this tasty potato salad recipe that everyone in the family can enjoy, I just love the combination of vinegar and potatoes.

Main Dishes

10 Healthy Summer Barbecue Recipes

Sweet Potato Tacos with Creamy Avocado Sauce

Fish tacos are one of my all time favorite foods, mix up your summer time BBQ menu with these tasty tacos.

10 Healthy Barbecue Recipes

Avocado Dijon Turkey Burgers

Not your average turkey burger with delicious additions such as fresh basil, Dijon mustard, and lime this is one flavorful patty.

10 healthy barbecue recipes

Grilled Turkey Burgers 

Not only does this homemade turkey patty include delicious herbs and spices it is also filled with veggies making for a moist patty that provides a great nutritional punch!


10 healthy Barbecue recipes

Mojito Fruit Salad 

Hosting a 21+ BBQ? Finish the night off with this refreshing fruit salad with a kick.

What is your go to healthy summer BBQ dish? Share your recipes in the comments below! 


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