CBD Oil Benefits for Endurance Athletes

CBD Oil For Endurance Athletes

If you are active in the natural health space it is likely that you have heard of CBD oil, and the many proposed benefits. You may be wondering, is CBD Oil the real deal, or just the new snake oil? Let’s take a look at some of the research and proposed benefits, then you can decided!

What is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil, more commonly referred to as CBD oil is one of the many cannabinoid molecules found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD oil is extracted from either plant and has many purposed health benefits. Many of those benefits are of particular interest for endurance athletes including it’s anti-inflammatory properties, its use for reducing stress and anxiety, and its body composition benefits.


The body of research on the health benefits and uses of CBD oil is growing and ranges from anti-inflammatory to cognitive support. But can CBD oil really stand up to all of the claims?


This is a big one for endurance athletes. Between the pounding or body takes with miles and miles of training, and the research against the use of NSAIDs, a healthy anti-inflammatory would be a big win! Research shows that CBD downregulates the inflammation process while also protecting against oxidative injury at the cellular level. High volume and high intensity training can cause a build up of free radicals that cause oxidateive damage. This protective mechanism of CBD oil helps to protect your cells from those free radicals.  This one two punch means that CBD oil both reduced inflammation and protects the cell from further damage.

Based on numerous studies CBD oil could be a viable alternative to anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals without the side effects.

Stress and Anxiety

One of the biggest limiting factors for age group athletes is the ability to recover from workouts. Unlike the pros age groupers have to fit training into their busy lives. between work, family, and social obligations  age groupers are often left feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. This is where CBD oil can be a useful aid for endurance athletes.

Multiple studies have found CBD to reduce stress and anxiety. This is due to our physiology, we have cannabinoid receptors in our brain that are involved in mitigating the anxiety, panic, and fear responses to stress.  CBD acts on these receptors, specifically 5HT1A and TRPV1 which helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

By reducing stress and anxiety you can rest easy, recover from those tough sessions, and be ready to hit it hard in your next session.

Body Composition

Body composition is a huge focus for my age group athletes. Many are looking to cut pounds and trim body fat to help improve race times. According to the research CBD oil may be just the thing to help you reach your goal race weight!

This rat model study found that rodents who were given CBD oil not only ate less then the other rodents, they lost more over all weight. How helpful would it be to eat less and loss more with out any additional effort? Another study performed in the UK found that CBD oil boosted metabolism, and reduced levels of liver fat, and blood cholesterol. Given that potential benefits I would say that CBD oil is worth a try! 

Field Test

I was recently sent CBD oil from two different companies that were interested in having their oils tested by endurance athletes. I was excited to give CBD oil a try! Here is what I found.

The number one thing that I used CBD oil for was the anti-inflammatory properties. I found that CBD oil was better for reliving pain and inflammation due to exercise and racing then NSAIDs. I used CBD oil primarily after my long runs and races. I used the oil on days when my legs were extremely sore and beat up. I was impressed with the level of relief I felt from using the CBD oil through out the day.

I personally only use NSAIDs with acute injuries.  I try to avoid them due to the negative health effects caused by regular use. I also don’t like to use NSAIDs with training based on research that has shown NSAIDs affect your ability to adapt and improve from strenuous training sessions. Having something that works to alleviate muscle soreness and pain with out damaging the damaging effects is a great find!

Based on the science and my personal extermination I would highly recommend having CBD oil in your medicine cabinet!

Where to Pick Up Your CBD Oil

There are many options out there on the market, and the number of options is only growing. That being said, I did notice a difference in potency between the two brands I tested. Not all CBD oil is created equally. Both brands that I used were the same dosage, but I did not find them to provide equal pain relief. The brand that I found to have the best effects at the same dose was from Hippie Hemp LLC. I found the flavor was very natural and strong, which I liked, and the effects where potent!

Are you ready to try CBD Oil? Hippie Hemp LLC has generously offered a discount of 15% off your first order, just use the discount code AMBER15 

I found this product to be an amazing find! I would love to know what you think. Have you tried CBD Oil?

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